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About Leah

Leah Vis is an author and illustrator of children’s books. She is also a photographer and incorporates photography in many of her books. Leah and her family enjoy travel, adventure, and stories! Reading together is their absolute favorite pastime. Her Roadtrip Tales series brings all of that together using the power of story to inspire wonder and teach amazing fun facts about many special locations.

Our Heaven Baby is a special book that was inspired by Leah’s own Heaven babies. The book is a hopeful story about miscarriage and the hope of Heaven.

Leah’s titles include the Road Trip Tales series which currently contains The Tree Guardian: A Tale of the Sequoia Forest, The Very Quiet Village: A Tale of Yosemite, The Very Wise Lake: A Tale of Lake Tahoe, The Feather on His Hat: A Tale of Lake Mono, Love Is…, Springtime Is…, A Mother Is…, and Our Heaven Baby.