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Our Heaven Baby

Roadtrip Tales Series: 4 Books

Little Lu Series: 2 Books

Do you want to help your child think through challenges with a little more imagination?

Little Lu runs into a few kid-sized trials like not wanting to practice piano or having to help her crying baby sister. Not always fun, right?

But Little Lu’s imagination turns on as she dreams another way to view each situation. Little Lu’s dreams help her think about everyday challenges in creative ways. Her dreams even help the people around her!

Join Little Lu on a quest to see each challenge through the lens of imagination

Kindness and love can be challenging, right?

Little Lu has the perfect day planned. New paints = a full day of painting bliss. All of her plans come crashing down when she ends up having to entertain her little cousin instead.

Mama takes this opportunity to teach Little Lu that love can be tricky, but it is also worth the effort.

Little Lu tries, flounders, and eventually discovers the joy in putting someone else first.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to read this book every week.

A Tree Guardian, a young girl, and the secrets of the Giant Forest. . .

Frala is the daughter of the great Village Guide. Someday she too will lead her people. After struggling in her role, she encounters a revered Tree Guardian who shares the marvelous wonders of the Giant Forest.

This story weaves fascinating facts about the Sequoia Forest into a beautiful tale of nature, leadership, and community.

Included with every book is a page of amazing Sequoia Forest fun facts.

The Tree Guardian is the first book in the Road Trip Tales series. Each book teaches interesting facts about an amazing landmark through a story that captures your heart and imagination.

A very quiet village. A very loud boy.

Wandering bears and cougars have scared the villagers into always staying so very quiet. But Woni is a very loud boy. Everything about the beautiful valley and grand cliffs makes him want to burst with yells, songs, and laughing!

Eventually, through a great danger to his village, he learns the value of his loudness, his name, and his connection to the valley.

The Very Quiet Village weaves fascinating facts about Yosemite National Park into a beautiful tale of nature, character, and courage.

Included with every book is a page of Yosemite fun facts.

The Very Quiet Village is the second book in the Road Trip Tales series. Each book teaches interesting facts about an amazing landmark through a story that captures your heart and imagination.

My Story: A book about miscarriage and the hope of Heaven

Honest, hopeful, and full of wonder. A story of miscarriage and the hope of Heaven through the eyes of a child…

Five-year-old Abel is so excited to have a new baby! But soon Mommy tells him the sad news that she has had a miscarriage. The baby is now in Heaven with Jesus. Wait . . . Heaven?

He has never known anyone in Heaven before, and he begins to dream about what their baby must be experiencing: dancing with Jesus, lots of children, and what about dinosaurs?

Author Leah Vis experienced three miscarriages and understands the confusion, sadness, and grief that follows miscarriage. In her journey she found that focusing on Heaven brought great peace and hope.

This book will be a ray of hope for adults and children grieving the loss of their babies

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